I wonder if you are so used to being invisible, feeling that you don’t matter, that when you do speak up you are apologetic to taking up someone’s time?

As much as we are allowed to feel what we are needing to feel, let’s not get caught up in creating a reality for someone else.  How you see your world is your choice; perceiving someone else’s world is also your choice – it may be an incorrect assumption though, remember that.

Imagine the realization that you may be a slave or victim of your past beliefs.  We can change our beliefs at any time – whether they are rules we have for ourselves and others, or what we value, or how we see the world in a Global context.  Experience your emotions, acknowledge them, then let them go.  Release those emotions so that you can focus on what comes next.  Be clear on where you are headed. Seek direction if you cannot – that is why we are here, for YOU.

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