In order to maintain a warm relationship with those around us it is important for us to also maintain our true values, remaining clear on our boundaries and have clarity on what our needs are.

Anthony (Tony) Robbins has spoken of the 6 Human Needs which are defined as both Personal and Spiritual Needs much like the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

In the relationships we have, what do we like to be certain of and how much variety do we like to have?

What is significant to us may not be significant to others, as much as the need for a safe and secure environment compared to have variety and challenges.

Trust in self comes before trust in others.  What does it mean to trust?  Is it only about respect for another?

In order to build these warm relationships, it is required that we feel our fears and release them.  Know that you do belong, you are good enough and you are loved.

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