Not sure where you’re headed, where you’ll be and who will be with you?
Well, that’s OK – your Journey will be filled with lots of turns, ups and downs, ins and outs. If you are expecting to have a straight road from A to B and B representing your ‘end of the Journey’ then this WILL create confusion.
A confused mind will say ‘No’.
Remember that people will come and go, you will change your mind here and there in all aspects of your life, and again, that is OK.
Understand that a clear mind creates a clear path.
When you can gain that clarity, you can set your boundaries of what is acceptable for you to live your ideal life, and be your ULTIMATE self.
Let people go to walk their own path and if they are like leaves on the tree, as the wind blows here and there, they will be with you for a purpose and then move on.
If they are like the roots of the tree, regardless of which way the wind blows, they will remain and be a source of strength.
There will be stormy times.
Trust your inner self. Trust your inner Strength.
Those you let go will remain as a constant if you are true to yourself – be real about your goals, keep focused and all WILL come together, all for the greater good.
If staying focused is a challenge, click here and we’ll find your path together…

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