As a Single Parent we yearn for having a support network when things do not go according to plan – and this happens from time to time.

We like to know that we are safe, not judged for choices we’ve made, and to do this safely it requires Boundaries; for yourself as the Parent and for others who are your “support team”.  Both sets of Boundaries are to be honoured by the other person.

So what is it that our Support Network does for us?

If you think that it is to take care of our self-esteem, you are mistaken – that is YOUR job.  We can help you with that if you don’t know how – that is perfectly OK.

A support network is not about bending to another person’s belief system of what is acceptable, or having them bend to yours.

Building a Support Network is about having a Community (or a Tribe as we call it).  It begins with you building your ‘inner world’ that is celebrated by your Tribe.  Achieve an understanding of what you care about and what you hold close to your heart.  Then your Tribe can be there for you – Build It And They Will Come (Quote from the movie “Field of Dreams”).

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