We often care so deeply for our children that we do not recognize the need for loving ourselves.  Often we wrap ourselves up in hurt and pain, loneliness and judgement – now that cannot be good for our soul?

You have a choice.  How would you like to live your life?

We shy away from vulnerability because we do not understand its true PURPOSE.  To be vulnerable is to have COURAGE.  When you have the courage to acknowledge your vulnerabilities then you have access to your emotions and you stand tall owning them.  Here you will find Self-Love – when you take ownership for your emotions, your hurt, your pain – and this is where you take action to reap the rewards of your Self-Love.

There is no one-way of thinking – when we remove ourselves from being hidden from others, where we make the decision to remove the mask, and let others know our true and authentic self, then we can relish in the reality of being safe, loving ourselves for all there is, being OK with all that happens and knowing that we CAN grow, we CAN achieve, and we CAN love ourselves first.

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