Imagine if you were to let go of what was holding you back – would that bring you Freedom?
Consider those emotions that are stopping you from moving forward; anger, blame or holding onto material objects which tie you to living the same old patterns.
To free yourself of those thoughts is to acknowledge that you are worthy of trust, love and respect, from your inner self and those around you.
Create new Stories which give yourself permission to feel the trust, love and respect, and to release those feelings that are not serving you.
For me it is about moving interstate, to know in my mind that it is the right choice for this stage of my life. If I do not act, I will not know what the outcome could have been. Who knows if it will be a permanent move, who knows if it will be my best decision of 2018!
Say YES, and work out how. Ask yourself, “if I don’t let these feelings go, how will my life be different?”
There are no guarantees, except for the one that ‘taking action requires a state of mind’. It is probably the case that your state of mind requires changing first, then the action will follow.
Now I wonder, what will be YOUR change of mindset to enable the ACTION to take place?

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