Have you ever been caught off-guard by a word, phrase, place or behaviour, which has triggered an emotional feeling?
I’ll tell you what happened to me this morning…
Finding in my drawer something I needed to remind my son of and when I took it out of the drawer – it was done already.
My ‘children’ are now ‘adults’ and they don’t need reminding (most times).
My mind then took me back over past years, looking in my lounge room and kitchen, visualising my ‘children’ laughing together on different occasions. It was like ‘life flashing before my eyes’.
“I have raised AMAZING Children, now Adults”.
Tears flowed, tears of joy and sadness all rolled into one.
I have given them the gift of experiencing the next chapter in their life, without Mum over their shoulder.
Of course, in the digital family we are, only a FB Message/Video, SMS, Skype call away.
This showed me how powerful our thoughts and memories are – that they can come flooding back through an action, a word, or a behaviour.
Embrace those memories because they are a part of you, they have made you who YOU are today.
It could be a positive or a negative memory – it is there to tell you “this is the moment to be proud of – YOU are an amazing individual and your life is NOT over, it has begun again, as the next Chapter unfolds”.
The next few pages in the Chapter are blank – I wonder, what YOU will write on them?

Let Others Be Guided By Your Light

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