“Life is like an EMPTY BOX of chocolates”
As I sit contemplating my moving house, stacked up before me are boxes.
LOTS of boxes.
It dawned on me that life is like an empty box.
Through Life’s Journey you take the time to welcome or not welcome things/people into your life and decide who/what deserves to be in your ‘box of life’ and who/what doesn’t.
The part which I am referring to is the closing of the box or lid, in which we keep things together in our Life (or in the box if you consider this metaphor).
Your lid, representing how you hold onto different parts of your Life, will be one of these 3:
 Sequential – where the 4 flaps of the box overlap to secure a firm handle on things. This represents ensuring all your ducks are lined up before you take action. Everything must be in place, perfect in every way, before you move on.
 Open/Closed – one action and the job is done. Like a lid that secures the contents of the box in one swift movement. You take the action because you have said ‘YES’ and you know that all will fall into place. Black or White, This Way or The Other – your decisions are definite.
 Open to New Ideas – here there is NO LID!
You are consistently innovative and creating new paths to explore different outcomes.
Without a lid, your box can have things come and go with ease – and that’s OK. Out with the Old (or take a break from the same patterns) and in with the New!
I wonder how you live Your Life according to the decisions you make –
💥 Wait for the Perfect Time?
💥 Decide ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, immediately?
💥 Continuous Innovation?
Wanting to be more organised in how you pack things into your Life to reduce the risk of overwhelm, panic and anxiety? Get in touch TODAY! Let’s make it happen …

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