“It was meant to be”. “There was a sign”. “I had a feeling”. “Wherever I looked I just knew”.
Sound familiar ?
When we are looking for answers there is the need to find an answer which supports our choice. This may be one of the above or it may be another.
Whether you had a feeling or saw it in a Tarot Card reading, there are justifications we are comfortable with.
It can be that these all have credibility – that is not the point here.
The point is that we all relate to a Story and we base that Story on a belief. This is OUR Story, OUR Reality. It doesn’t have to be agreed with by others because they will have their own Story.
It is important that we have a Story which gives us Strength, Empowerment and the Courage to continue our Journey – to be open to new challenges, to embrace all that is.
This is HOW you live an authentic life.

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